There are a whole lot of online movie websites that are legal, offering latest and good quality movies in all sorts of genres – adventure, horror, action, comedy, drama, fantasy, documentary, animation romance, musical, etc.  And it seems as if there is absolutely nothing to lose right? Wrong!

In as much as you’d like to see a number of great movies without paying so much money for them, it is good not to compromise your personal safety and the safety of your device. A lot of these movie websites spread spam while offering their free services. It is not wise to put yourself in that vulnerable position just to watch movies online as these online spams may get access to your personal information. You’re probably not sure how you also get malwares into your system but you do happen to visit a lot of movie sites in which you are not so sure about its status and security.  These things are bound to occur so you’d probably have to set aside money for a good anti-virus/malware to give your system 100% protection.

Who loves a commercial interruption in the middle of a scene where Freddy is about to rip the nose off your favorite character? You sure don’t! Perhaps, these online movies tied to their obnoxious commercials do not know where to draw the line to their so expensive sarcasm. It sure doesn’t add a favorable suspense; I picture viewers watching these commercials with straight faces and a ticking vein on their necks, waiting for the movie scene to resume. These commercials and online popups are a buzz killer and are certainly something you wouldn’t expect to see in other movie media except online. In trying to be prudent, you just might be robbed off some part of the pleasure and safety you deserve while watching your movies online.