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The Best Air Hose Reels

The Best Air Hose Reels

A great handy man understands his tools! Working with the best industrial tools provides maximum efficiency, results and is easy to use. Safety is also a major factor to consider when purchasing work tools.

Air hose reels come with a range of pressures from 170 PSI to 600PSI. They can be made from a variety of materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM). Air hoses are applicable to various industries such as mining, agriculture, construction, chemical industries, heavy equipment industries, shipyards, quarries, industrial air placements and others.

To get the best quality air hose reels you must consider a few factors such as;


Its ability to withstand pressure of high levels and ratchet mechanism are desirable factors as well as the presence of parts such as ball bearing swivel joints which ensures that friction is reduced significantly. A 4-directional roller ball will reduce abrasive effects on the rubber hose.


A well organized arrangement system improves the aesthetics of your work place and ensures that the space is hazard free. For this reason, the best air hose must have a retractable auto wind feature that allows the hose to return when not in use.

It should be easy to mount on a wall in order to keep it at a convenient height for usage, and away from the easy reach of children.

One thing that is common with industrial tools is corrosion. This can be avoided with the air hose by going for a corrosion-resistant material with a proper powder coating finish which provides you with extra durability.

Finding the best air hose reels is quite easy as there are various makes and varieties with options that are convenient for your work. Simply make a list of the features and check now for which you desire and compare key specifications.