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Have You Seen These Movies? Four Classics You Must Watch

Have You Seen These Movies? Four Classics You Must Watch

The following is a list of great movies, some good movies, and some that you may have yet to discover.
The Karate Kid is a classic. The story of the new kid in town being bullied by the Cobra Kai until a Japanese man takes the kid under his wing. After the awkward training given to Daniel by Mr. Miyagi, Daniel goes on to win the All-Valley Karate tournament, earning him the respect from his former bully’s. After this one, the Karate Kid franchise takes gradual steps down. Karate Kid 2 was good, 3 was decent, and The Next Karate Kid just killed the franchise, but it did launch the career of Hilary Swank. A part of my soul will die when they re-make this movie since it was done perfectly the first time.

Gummo is just weird. This movie was made by Harmony Korine, who made other movies such as the controversial film KIDS, and Julian-Donkey Boy. This movie is set after a tornado wipes through the town of Xenia, Ohio. The cast of characters includes a midget, an albino, twins, rednecks, three white trash sisters, a retarded girl, a tennis playing kid with A.D.D., two foul mouth rabbit killing kids, and of course, the rabbit. I really can’t describe this movie, go watch. You will either add it to your collection, or turn off the DVD player five minutes into it.

Freddy Got Fingered was crapped on by critics, but what would you expect when it’s a film from Tom Green? The lead character Gord wishes to become an animator, and takes the route to do so. Along the way he delivers a baby, gets a nymphomaniac girlfriend, gives hand release to a elephant, as well as quite a few other disturbing, yet funny adventures. Rip Torn turns in an awesome performance as Gord’s dad.

Blood In Blood Out is the story of Chicano youth in East Los Angeles. The lead character Miklo, is white but wants to join the Vatos Locos just like the rest of his Chicano brethren. The three main characters all take different routes to end up what they are. Miklo ends up in prison. Paco leaves the gang behind, becoming a cop. Cruzito,a brilliant artist gets hooked on heroin, his little brother overdoses on heroin when he shoots up, trying to be like his brother. Cruz cleans himself up by the end of the movie and the story ends on a good note, except for Miklo.

These movies are just the tip of the iceberg and have acquired cult status between both masses and classes, especially children, who take inspiration from such characters and imitate them in real life with pride. One reason for any movies’ timeless appeal is that some of them are ahead of their time and do not fare well during the time of release but enjoy a cult following as time passes on, with cyberflix apk being a much visited platform to watch these flicks.

There’s four movies that you should check out when you get the chance. Movies are a wonderful form of entertainment and art, and I plan on filling you guys and girls in on some you may have missed. Time to dig into the DVD collection and see what I can turn you readers onto next time.