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The Ultimate Apex Legends Workout Challenge

The Ultimate Apex Legends Workout Challenge

War games have always been popular among gaming lovers. They involve a lot of planning and strategic thinking in order to succeed which envokes the interest of the players and keeps them hooked to the game. One of the most popular war games right now is Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is a free to play battle game that is available across gaming platforms for free. Apex Legends fuses a variety of battle video games such as battle royal games and class-based shooters in order to create an appealing theme for the game.

In each round, the game starts with sixty players in squads of three skydiving into an island. One player out of them chooses the landing site for the team. The team then scavenges for weapons and equipment to fight other players. Players also rely on Apex hack to win the game.

  • Popularity of the Apex Legends game

The popularity of Apex Legends is on surge. Released without any prior advertisement, promotion or announcement, the game has already become a hit upon its release in February this year. The game is easily available on all gaming platforms online and players are not charged any money for the game. With its unique attributes and amazing graphics, the ga,e has garnered a lot of attention among gaming freaks.

  • Apex legends workout challenge

The game comes with certain challenges for the players upon losing the game. The challenges come in the form of different physical exercises. If the player loses the game, he has to do ten pushups as a punishment.

Similarly, hot dropping and dying results in ten squats, being downed by a wingman results into 20 situps, if dead and waiting for a respawn results into the punishment of doing planks until respawning. There are many other challenges that a player has to endure upon losing.

Keeping in mind the unique attributes of the game and interesting workout challenges, we can say that the game will only increase in popularity in the coming days.