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How To Plan A St. Patrick’s Day Party For Preschoolers

How To Plan A St. Patrick’s Day Party For Preschoolers

You’ve been recruited to plan a small St. Patrick’s Day celebration for your child’s preschool class, or perhaps you want to plan a St. Patrick’s Day play date party. It can be loads of fun even without green beer and Whiskey.

Recruit Parents to Help Plan a St. Patrick’s Day Party for Preschoolers

First, recruit a St. Patrick’s Day party mom team. You shouldn’t undertake this or any other room mom activity on your own. You are a coordinator, not a sole provider or dictator. Gather as many moms as you can for a quick sit down meeting.

When you invite moms to the meeting let them know it will be short and that even if they can’t attend the party, their ideas will help make the Preschool St. Patrick’s Day party a success. St. Patrick’s day party should be as fun and exciting as casino parties in Texas. Creativity and resourcefulness are all you need to make such party a successful one.

Plan an agenda and stick to it. Remember you are dealing with busy moms of preschoolers. You will need individuals or teams to take care of decorations, St. Patrick’s Day party set-up and clean-up, festive snacks, drinks, and a fun, easy game or St. Patrick’s Day craft. (Suggestions follow.) Come prepared with several suggestions or ideas, but allow the St. Patrick’s Day party plans to evolve out of a discussion. Your ideas are only there to provide a starting point.

Obtain a list of known food allergies from the teacher or preschool nurse. Avoid snacks with peanuts just to be on the safe side.

St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Party Decorations

Purchase St. Patrick’s Day decorations at Rhode Island Novelty,Oriental Trading, or Party City. Both RI and OT offer express shipping, and as of March 5, regular shipping ensures on-time delivery. I’ve used both companies and have had extraordinary customer service and support.

You can also make your own St. Patrick’s Day decorations. Decorations can be as simple as green streamers and shamrocks cut from construction paper and suspended from the ceiling with fishing wire, or green yarn.

St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Party Snacks

Healthy snacks get the thumbs up for preschool parties. Try sliced green apples and green grapes with green dip. Mix a few drops of food coloring in vanilla yogurt to make a delicious, and healthy dipping sauce.

If you decide to splurge simple, homemade sugar cookies cut in the shape of shamrocks and covered in green sugar sprinkles make a great treat.

Preschool Party Game for St. Patrick’s Day: Find the Gold Coins

One of the joys of planning parties for preschoolers is that simple activities translate into big fun for tiny tots. The following preschool party games are originals, based on other preschool activities and games.

A fun, active game for preschoolers is “Find the Gold Coins.” Using inexpensive, large plastic gold coins and hide them in the classroom or play area where the St. Patrick’s Day party is being held. Give the children a modest time limit, like five minutes to find the gold coins. Make small “pots” for kids to collect gold coins in by using green plastic or paper cups. Use a hole punch to make a hole on either side near the rim of the cup. Run black yarn through the holes and over the top to make a handle. Everyone wins by collecting play coins.

Preschool Party Game for St. Patrick’s Day: Lucky Leprechaun

“Lucky Leprechaun” is another fun and easy game. Turn a game of chase or hide n’ go seek into Lucky Leprechaun by dressing the person playing “It” in a green shirt and hat. “It” becomes a Leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day.

Quick and Easy Preschool St. Patrick’s Day Party Craft

Gather a few easy supplies to help kids make a St. Patrick’s Day lucky charm necklace. Use green yard or other easy to thread string, and construction paper dye cut shamrocks with a hole punched in them for easy threading. Thread four shamrocks on the string for the middle of the necklace. You’ve created a lucky four leaf clover.

With a little imagination and planning a preschool St. Patrick’s Day Party is quick and easy to pull together.