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Internet Advertising: What Can We Expect?

Internet Advertising: What Can We Expect?

Internet advertising figures have been calculated and in 2006 $24.9 billion was invested in internet advertising on a global scale. That is a 33{cd487edf192290d09f64eaf050898d205bfb182e484b1641dab403f172934162} jump from the $18.7 billion that was invested in 2005. If that yearly jump is consistent with this year we will potentially be looking at $33.2 billion spent on internet advertising for 2007. Though we can only estimate how much money is going to go into advertising, there is one thing that we can tell for sure, we will be seeing more ads. The sales forecast for internet advertising is also healthy which is why all the marketers and companies these days are investing more and more in Internet marketing. 

With the latest versions of such browsers as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera having been equipped with a pop-up blocker pre-installed, what would be the worry if companies decide to use pop-ups as their form of advertising? Well the traditional pop-up may still be blocked, even with my pop-ups blocker there are a select few that slip through, but internet advertising is becoming more clever. What we can expect are sneaker ads. Since many internet surfers are prepared to handle pop-ups it is likely that we will see a decrease, that is if you can see them at all, in the amount. While this sounds great it only means that advertisers will have to find ways around pop-up blockers to get your attention.

An ad that looks similar to a link, instead of having one line underneath a word or phrase it is underlined twice, gives the illusion of a pop-up. They are called hover ads, if you happen to see a web page with these “links” embedded in their content beware, although they do not open a new browser they simulate a separate window by using graphical tricks. By hovering your cursor over them, something that can happen accidentally, you will activate them. Pop-ups blockers don’t block these so be prepared to see a lot more of them on the internet.

Something to watch out for are “layer ads.” Pop-up blockers do not recognize them as true pop-ups so you still can encounter them with an active pop-up blocker. The worst part about these ads is they are disguised to look like messages from the operating system of the computer or virus scanners. Scammers use these ads to lure users into downloading malicious software or viruses.

Of course, the standard ads like banners, buttons, and text links will still completely exist on the world wide web. Some of which when hovered over with a cursor will expand to sometimes cover almost all of the web page.

To sum things up, you’ll be seeing just as many ads on the internet that you did last year if not more. You may not have to worry about pop-ups but you will still have to deal with ads that give the illusion of a pop-up.