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Excalibur Hotel Review- All About Their Ambiance Facilities

Excalibur Hotel Review- All About Their Ambiance Facilities

I stayed at the Excalibur hotel and casino in Las Vegas the second week of June 2019 for three weekday night stays. I paid around $75.00 a night which I considered reasonable since I booked the hotel about two days before arriving and as a result wasn’t partaking of any special deals but was a lower weekday rate. My room rate was reasonable considering that the hotel is on the strip, albeit the southern end near the airport. The hotel itself was made to look like a medieval castle, though it could have stood be a little livelier from the outside. My first complaint is that I booked a ‘View Room’ online which was described as having a ‘stunning view of the Las Vegas Strip’ but in reality from my window I could barely see the Tropicana and MGM Grand but had an excellent view of the not nearly as exciting airport. Also online I had booked a room with one King bed, but upon arrival there were none available and I was placed in a room with two queen beds instead. The room itself was adequate but nothing spectacular, though I was annoyed that the internet was not free like in the majority of hotels these days. Overall the price may have been inconsequential considering the amount of money I expected to spend in Vegas, but it was still annoying.

The casino itself was not very crowded when I was there. It wasn’t empty enough to seem desolate, but it wasn’t hard to find open games and slots. The majority of slot machines were newer interesting games, and they had all the expected table games as well including blackjack, craps, roulette, big Six and mini-baccarat, and many different variations of poker. One of my favorite things was that each day each at different times the main table games had a scheduled time where a casino employee gave a lesson on how to play the game including how to properly place your bets, as often this is one of the most confusing things to a beginner gambler like myself. There were many tables with low minimums as well for those looking to have some fun without having to bet an entire week’s paycheck each hand. The casino also has a keno lounge and a race and sports book although I did not use either while I was there. Drinks while playing any game, including slot machines were free although it often seemed unless I was sitting right near a bar that they took far too long in arriving. Also I expected many young attractive waitresses to be in the casinos as part of the overall Vegas experience but I was thoroughly disappointed in this regard.

I attended the ‘Tournament of Kings’ show while there and had a great time. Tickets were a bit expensive at $90.00 a piece but that included a two hour show and dinner. The show itself was a medieval themed stunt show with some singing, sword fighting, and stunts from on horseback. The arena itself was smaller than I expected which detracted from the horseback stunts. In keeping with the medieval theme when dinner was served it was without silver wear so hands were required. For most this was a fun addition, though some may not enjoy it. One warning I was in the first row closest to the arena which was an excellent view but when the horses rode by at full gallop dirt was thrown over the edge and although it never landed on my food it was certainly close several times.


The hotel has several different restaurants, a buffet, and a food court with chain restaurants including a McDonald’s and several Starbucks throughout the casino of bandarqq online gambling management services; that offers all the similar amenities of an betting bookie. While there I did not eat at the different hotel specific restaurants, I had somewhat set a budget ahead of time and wanted to save some money on food. The buffet was decently priced, and had a large selection, although the food was expectantly bland. It was worth the money, but won’t be winning any awards any time soon.

When arriving at the hotel make sure to sign up for the Players Club reward card. It is free to acquire and it builds rewards including free slot play and points that be used for other things as well. The main reason I recommend using this card is it allows the casino to track how much you play the various games, especially slots. On the third night I was there a casino hostess approached me at a slot machine, and addressed me politely by name. She asked if there was anything she could do to make my stay better and informed me that they were going to comp the cost of my hotel stay which was around $225.00 total, although I still was responsible for the annoying internet usage charge. Between the free hotel stay, and free drinks during what was mostly slot play I had an enjoyable experience for low cost even considering my actual loses while gambling. You can easily find a more glamorous hotel on the Las Vegas strip than the Excalibur though overall it seems like a good choice for the budget minded Vegas traveler.