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Star Citizen Adds New Character Mark Hamill

Star Citizen Adds New Character Mark Hamill

Star Citizen is one of the most impressive game and if you play the game on single mode, there is impressive news for you as the developer of the game has hinted a new character added in their YouTube Fan page. The new character is not other than The Joker Voice famed actor Mark Hamill as your partner to build the galaxy, all you need to do to make it applicable to your single mode of playing is Star Citizen Referral.

Star Wars Celebration

As there are lots of fans around the world of the exciting Star Wars series, the game has chosen the most remarkable character amongst the Star Wars series to make it yours. Hamill and the creator of the game are not formed together for the first time as both the super talented in their own field friends came forward for the fans and business in the year 1999 during the craze of Wing Commander. Roberts took the advantage of the fame of the movie being popular and developed a game based on the movie. He was successful that time, we will see the outcomes to add Star Wars most exciting part the character of Mark Hamill.

Other Characters part of the game

The other exciting yet powerful actors part of the game are A-list actor Gary Oldman of the famous The Dark Knight Series, Andy Serkis of (The Lord of the Rings), Gillian Anderson of the series mystery The X-Files and Ben Mendelsohn of the bloodline amongst the other available option.

Pulling these exciting actors to the list has made a great name for the game as the game overjoyed with the worth of $148.5 million for the creator and still counting, Share referral code of the game to make the Mark Hamill character your warrior for free.