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Basic Badminton Equipment

Basic Badminton Equipment

First time playing badminton? It wouldn’t hurt to look fashionable and sporty when starting out but it’s much more important to prioritize the functions of the equipment over the aesthetics. As a beginner, its normal not to know exactly what it is you’ll needs, everyone starts somewhere; much like with bukmacher. So what exactly should you have in your inventory?

Badminton Racket

Well this is a no-brainer, but the question is what kind or type of racket would be suitable for you? Badminton rackets are available in various sizes, materials and brand. The combination of weight, string tensions and balance pint heavily depends on the materials used. Because there are so many combinations and choices available, it will take some time before you find the one for you. We highly recommend opting for a badminton shop instead of the online alternative, that way you could ask for assistance, advice and even swing the racket around to see if it feels right.


The two main types of shuttlecocks are feathered and plastic shuttlecocks. Compared to feathered shuttlecocks, plastic shuttle cocks are more durable. But plastic shuttlecocks are only for beginners since the feathered options cost a bit more and easily fray when the player uses the wrong techniques. Thus, plastic shuttlecocks are the ideal option for players who are only starting out.

Badminton Shoes

Shoes made for badminton players are especially designed to offer better grip and traction in order to immediately stop to return shots. Apart from that, the shoes has to come with appropriate cushioning to absorb the impact whenever the player jumps and lands plus it should be lightweight. For regular players, heel cups will be a great help in prolonging the useful life of the shoes. Jogging shoes are not all that ideal because they lack traction and grip.