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Deep Information About Insulated Piercing Connectors

Deep Information About Insulated Piercing Connectors

The electricity plays a significant role in the life of a human being. Many activities of daily life of a human being are completed with the help of electricity only. In order to get power connection for home, a special device is used and this device is named as insulated piercing connectors. These special connectors make the work of the electrician easier than before. Before the entry of this connector in the market electrician need to do a risky work and make a direct connection with high voltage wires.

Structure of insulated piercing connector

In order to make the piercing connection between a high voltage power lines with the wiring of your home ABC accessories are used. An insulated piercing connector is manufactured by joining several small parts together. Now I am going to explain the complicated structure of the insulated piercing connector:

  • The shear head is placed at the top of the connector and then bolt head with the washer.
  • After that top half of the connector is placed and the end cap is attached to it.
  • Now it becomes the most important part of the connector and mainly it is known as the teeth and in teeth area piercing blade covered with ream.
  • Now bottom half of the connector is placed after the position of teeth. This connector is a safeguard against the external thread and helps in reducing the factors of uncertainty.
  • At the last, a nut is used in order to fix the complete structure of the connector and this nut is covered with bolt end cap.

This is the structure of this special connector and manufacturers follow this complicated map in order to produce it. The main and the important part of the insulated piercing connector is teeth are and it is completely formed by using aluminium.

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