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Learning the technique to move Pokemon Go account to a new device

Learning the technique to move Pokemon Go account to a new device

A hassle-free experience

It is normal for users to change their handsets frequently. As a result, it becomes easy to take backup files and apps in one location and simply transfer those to the new device in many cases. However, for games like Pokemon Go, the process was not that simple initially. But now, with the regular updates by Niantic, the process has become streamlined to transfer the account details to the new devices.

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The pre-requisite

Before jumping into the details of switching the account details to a new device, the users must realize that their Go account is connected to either Google Account or Pokemon Trainer Club account. All it needs is for the user to remember either of the credentials and unlock the same information in the new devices.

Entering with Google account

If you are playing the game with your Google account, the following steps will help out:

  • Open the re-installed game, and tap on the icon for ‘Sign with Google’.
  • Select the Google account, or enter your credentials.
  • Click on the option to restore the original information, and accordingly, the device would get configured. 

Entering with Pokemon Trainer Club

In the case of using the Pokemon Trainer Club account, the following steps need to be followed:

  • Go to the option of Pokemon Trainer Club, and hit on the Sign-up option.
  • Enter the credentials, and hit on entering. 
  • Hit on the option to restore the original data, and accordingly, the configuration would get completed. 

Even in cases where you accidentally created a new account, you can always choose to sign out and then go by either option to restore the data.