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Your own Botanic Garden

Your own Botanic Garden

For their pets and themselves, what people often end up missing from a home is the ability to take a stroll outside in the fresh air.

Here we offer a garden unlike a normal home could ever provide.

As you’ll see at the Martin Modern Showflat, nature takes primary importance in our design. With landscaping inspired by paintings from Europe’s 19th century romantic period, our mazes and common gardens will have you lost in nature. As you stroll through the lush trees and crawling ivy you will disappear in thought, and forget you are even in a city.

The botanic garden features a wide array of tropical flowers and plants. They highlight the best of the region’s flora while including iconic staples from across the world.  This is on top of the already existing arboretum of native trees and vegetation. We can then also immediately transport you to a more distant settings with a forest trail and rain gardens. You can travel to exotic locations just by taking the elevator and walking out the door of your own home.

A garden with a view

Taking advantage of the site’s amazing location, two rooftops gardens offer an intimate and romantic setting. It gives you a one in a kind opportunity to be lost in nature and still have a gorgeous view of the city. You can have the best of the urban city and rural landscapes.

Vegetation and a garden-feel is extremely important to the developers of Martin Modern. So much so where 80 percent of the land area was specifically designated for assorted vegetation. This natural environment is still combined with luxury design that is the top of the line from across the world. The feel created is one of vegetation in an ultramodern local that cannot be found anywhere else in the city.