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Shopping Mall, Trade Show, How Are They Different?

Shopping Mall, Trade Show, How Are They Different?

A shopping mall is a complex of a wide range of stores offering everything, from expensive jewelry to sport shoes. A trade show also offers products for sale, but its purpose is very different from a shopping mall. Find out their differences below:

A shopping mall is for selling…

A shopping mall is generally geared to make sales. The stores in a shopping mall have many products on display. The mall itself has a variety of shops and stalls, in order to provide customers with a good amount of choices. Also, shopping malls are structured to provide amenities to customers while they are shopping.

Aside from shops, shopping malls also offer services, such as movie theaters, salons, spa, hairdressers, and other service providers. Most malls have a food court, in which a variety of food kiosk, restaurants, and fast food can be found. This is a very important feature of the mall so that tired and hungry customers can take a rest and eat at the food court for a while, instead of leaving the shopping mall completely. 명품쇼핑몰 also have a department store, as well as a grocery section.

While a trade show is for promoting.

Meanwhile, a trade show is mainly for the promotion of products. A trade show is also a place for networking and sometimes incorporates an awards event. Since a trade show is an unusual event, it is oftentimes packed with reporters and journalists covering the event.

A trade show is also great for new product launches, because of the media presence. A trade show also features booths and kiosks from the participants. The booths and kiosks either demonstrate or give a sample of the product featured. Sellers can bond with their customers by introducing a product with a trade show, prior to offering it in shopping malls.