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What Is A Router Table Starter Pin And How To Use It?

What Is A Router Table Starter Pin And How To Use It?

A router table starter pin is a tool used for woodworking that gives you great control while working for a much smoother and a high-quality end product. Other than smooth edges and easier wood cutting, here are the things you need to know about this equipment for you to use it properly and effectively.

  1. Starter pins

Starter pin is a simple yet very valuable accessory for your router table. The function of these pins is much like a fulcrum. Those pins enable you to brace your workpiece for a much precise and polished freehand edgework.

It is used along with earing-piloted router bits, and it can be bought in 2 kinds: metal and plastic starter pins. However, you can also easily make one by using either a piece of steel rod or a dowel. It should fit well with the starter pinhole and should have a reach about 1 inch above the surface of the table.

  1. Brace the workpiece

When you have already prepared your starter pin, you can now start the router and then brace the workpiece against your starter pin. Firmly pivot the starting corner and slowly towards the cutter.

Continue to let your workpiece pressed against the pin and you will notice the edge of your workpiece slightly resting against the bearing of the bit. Gradually move away the workpiece from the pin once you can see the bearing taking over. That will feed the raw edge into the bit.

As you continue to use and familiarize yourself with this equipment, you will notice the better and smoother control that it gives you for a high-quality workpiece. For safety purposes, you should use a push pad if you are working on small pieces. You can check out the best router tables on ToolInspector today and get yours now!