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Essential Football Gear

Essential Football Gear

Even as a beginner at football, you don’t need us to tell you that it’s a rather rough sport that requires specific gear for the player’s protection; very different from the Situs judi bola resmi. Gear is crucial even if it’s just for practice and you’re not competing for a tournament. Aside from self-protection, the gear allows the player to go all out without having to worry about themselves or other players’ safety.

Football Cleats

For a sport with a lot of running, the shoes should be sturdy, comfortable and appropriate for the level of football. There are three general types of football shoes; low-tops, mid-highs and high-tops. The main difference is that the mid-highs as well as the high-tops offer appropriate support for the ankles, thus lowering any chances of injury. Meanwhile, the low-top cleats provide better mobility but the stability on the ankles is not that great; they’re not the safest for younger athletes. All these styles feature screw-in or cleat bottoms or moulded bottoms. Players aged 6 to 12 are required to use the moulded cleat bottoms. But players aged 13 and older can pick between moulded bottoms or screw-in cleats.


Although footballs are not safety gear, they’re obviously essential equipment in the game. The kind of football used depends on the age of the player; only use football types are that are certified.

  • Age 6 – 8: smaller footballs made from rubber, this aids the younger children in their catch, throw and the way they handle the ball. In wet climates, it’s easier to hold and the size is great for smaller hands.
  • Ages 9 – 12: a slightly bigger football made from leather as well as rubber. These football types are specifically designed for medium hands.
  • Ages 13 – 18: the football is entirely made of leather and are undeniably larger, these are used by college football players and are only a size smaller than NFL footballs.