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Explore The Best State Parks In Illinois

Explore The Best State Parks In Illinois

If you are a nature enthusiast, who would love to explore state parks in America, you have come down to the right place. Situated very near to the hustle-bustle of a city, you can get an absolute essence of peace at Illinois. Across the territory, more than 70 nature parks and forest areas outspread, giving you a chance to make a breathtaking holiday trip in the best illinois state parks. Every year a huge number of visitors approach these hidden gems to immerse themselves in the laps of nature. Starting from camping to fishing, hunting to biking – you will find every outdoor activity you desire for a lifetime. 

Take a look at some of the best state parks of Illinois to have a fabulous trip on your next visit to Chicago.

Pere Marquette State Park

Outstretched over 8000 acres, this is the biggest state park in Illinois. The ideal time to visit this place is winter, when you will be welcomed with fall colors. Find out the mesmerizing scenic beauty of nature by hiking on the wood, boating, fishing at the Illinois River, and horse riding through the woody trails. Spend one or two nights at Pere Marquette Lodge to enjoy the thrills of wildlife.

Goose Lake Prairie State Park

If you don’t want to miss the pick of wildlife, definitely make a trip to Goose Lake Prairie State Park. This place is home to wildlife creatures like the red fox, deer, muskrat, badger, cottontail rabbit, along with an array of birds like blue herons, kildeer, mallards, and many more. Above all, tripping down to the Goose Lake and Kankakee River is worth experiencing the bird watching the view. 

So if you are planning to visit Chicago, make sure to explore the nearby best illinois state parks with rustic accommodations for ultimate fun and relaxation.